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Final-Lens-Logo-2This summer, BE BOLD. Change the way you LEARN, the way you think, and the way you LEAD. Spend three weeks at Wake Forest University discovering how to use your passion to CHANGE THE WORLD. EXPERIENCE a NEW WAY of problem solving. Join other students who will CHALLENGE each other intellectually as experts teach you to TACKLE TOUGH ISSUES, examine them through different LENSES, and then NAVIGATE through their complexities. Become equipped to SOLVE problems creatively, and make your community A BETTER PLACE.

students studyingNot your typical summer program:

LENS @ Wake Forest is a summer program like no other. Think of it as an incubator for change-makers. Here, you’ll learn from nationally renowned experts who can teach you how to confront complex issues and tap into your passions to develop solutions. We’re not talking solutions on paper – we’re talking viable ones that will be put into action. And if you’re really motivated, you can come away with a plan ready to implement back home.

student speakingHere’s how it works:

You and your peers will follow a program of study based on a current global challenge – sustainability. You’ll partner with Wake Forest professors to examine the complexities of this issue through different lenses – ecologic, economic, political, social, legal and more. Questions will arise. Problems will surface.

student, teacher interactingAnd then:

Your team will select a problem to solve. You’ll explore solutions by working in mini research groups, interacting with professors from across the Wake Forest campus, going on study trips, writing blogs, testing ideas through service projects, and fine-tuning results. And in three weeks, you will have learned a new way to translate ideas into action. You can count on challenging work, lively discussions and powerful creative energy.

off-campus funBut wait:

You know there’s fun involved – after all, it is a college experience. New friends, social activities, dinner downtown, movies, playing on the Quad. A little taste of independence…

So go ahead…apply. Be bold.

Be different this summer – and make a difference!